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Focus Point

After last week’s topic on the Qi energy, I felt it would be appropriate to follow on with another topic from which Qi is supposedly inseparable from: Pressure points. View full article »


Qi Gone

Whether your art calls it Qi, Ki or just simple bollocks, we’ve all heard of it. Mystical energy cited by martial artists and healing practitioners throughout the east that provides the human body with the life force it needs to survive. However, looking deeper at the actual meaning of “Qi” (as discussed in Traditional Chinese Medicine), we discover that it is almost impossible to discern what it actually means View full article »

Once upon a time, martial arts schools would only tend to teach one system for one purpose: be it Karate, Judo, Tae Kwon-Do, Kung Fu etc. Then someone had the bright idea of cross training in lots of systems at once. This seemed like a brilliant idea, and pretty soon lots of people began to do the same thing.

Eventually, someone else had another bright idea to pit these arts (and combinations of arts) against each other in order to discover what the ultimate system was and who the ultimate fighter would be. Again, this seemed like a brilliant concept View full article »

I spend a lot of time on YouTube (probably far more than I should do) following various interests of mine, including the martial arts. YouTube and internet videos generally are a relatively new phenomenon, but the effect that they have had on the martial arts in recent years is huge. View full article »

One thing that I take serious issue with in the martial arts is the existence of women’s only self defence classes. My reasons for this are fairly simple and probably shouldn’t take very long to summarise, nevertheless, I will try and stick to my usual long winded way of phrasing things, interlaced with various attacks on other martial arts groups. View full article »

Most people who have spent any amount of time in the martial arts will be aware of the term McDojo. For those of you to whom this is a new concept, I will try to explain it here as best I can. Dojo is the Japanese word for a martial arts training hall and frequently refers to an entire school. McDojo, therefore, refers to a school that has started to take on the characteristics of a particular, well-known fast food chain View full article »

For the past couple of years I have run “The Martial Arts Forum” (TMAF) on Facebook. I started this group in December 2008, and since then it has grown to become the single largest eclectic martial arts group on Facebook. View full article »